The Lab: Behind-the-Scenes - When You're a Stressed Parent...

Sep 15, 2021

The first time we talked with Dr. Rebecca Branstetter about doing a course to help stressed parents during the pandemic, she video chatted from her "garage office" — i.e. inside of her car in the garage, the only relatively soundproof and kid-proof option in her house during the lockdown. So, when we eventually filmed her course at Commune Topanga, we recreated that scene for this sweet little parenting lesson.

As she says in the course, "Attention seeking children are children seeking to connect. It's important to recognize this, especially during stressful times, and set an intention to always choose loving communication."

Click here to learn more about Rebecca's course, Peace of Mind Parenting, and watch it for free with a Membership trial.

How do you handle stressful moments with kids?

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