The Lab: The Barnyard Art of Chicken Tai Chi

Oct 02, 2020
 Our baby chicks have grown into incredibly curious and affectionate young hens. The only downside is a small feathery mob instantly encases your feet the moment you enter the coop.

Fortunately, we’ve been practicing our Chicken Tai Chi, a graceful dance that goes like this:

  • Slowly lift one foot until the chicken (or two) falls off
  • Pivot and mindfully aim your next move
  • Step forward with great control, fully prepared a chicken will decide to find something interesting immediately beneath your shoe
  • Repeat until you reach the watering area

So simple, so satisfying. Goat yoga, step aside.

P.S. The outtakes video gives you a pretty good sense as well…


 How do the animals in your life make you more mindful?

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