Welcome to the Lab

at Commune Topanga

At the end of the end of the end of a road, nestled in a remote valley of the Santa Monica mountains, is Commune Topanga — a laboratory for living and learning on 10 acres of meandering paths, oak trees, and organic gardens. 

Our Lab is where the ideas and practices embraced by Commune play out in real life. It is a gathering place for inspiring teachers and thought leaders. It is a setting to slow down and shift your brain to long-wave thoughts. It is a place to practice, plant, and cook. But, most of all, the Lab is designed to foster deep levels of connection between people, face-to-face. It is a place to commune. 

Scroll down for a list of all our upcoming retreats and events as well as a peek into the many projects percolating in the Lab: solar installations, soil regeneration, beekeeping, chickens, and much more.

Upcoming Events

Balance Weekend Retreat

with Schuyler Grant & Jeff Krasno 

This weekend retreat is all about practices that cultivate balance in your life. This will include movement (yoga and hiking), focusing the mind (meditation and breathwork), hot and cold therapy (ice plunge and sauna), and enjoying time together in community. While 58% of Americans report eating every meal alone (wow!), we will dine on scrumptious, farm-sourced food around big communal tables and sit by the fire at night for “storytime.”

Join Jeff and Schuyler as they dive into what it means to truly come back into balance!


Form & Flow Yoga Retreat

with Schuyler Grant

This retreat has something for everyone. Or, everyone ready for four days jam-packed with Schuyler‘s teachings, that is. Sprinkle in the splendor of Topanga Canyon in early summer and all the amenities of Commune Topanga and you have a most unusual and transformational intensive

Whether you are a teacher looking to hone your teaching skills or a dedicated practitioner interested in a more nuanced experience of Kula-style yoga, this intimate retreat is the perfect way to level up your relationship to your practice.


Hot for Hormones

with Sara Gottfried, MD & Schuyler Grant

Join acclaimed doctor and author Sara Gottfried, MD, alongside yoga witch Schuyler Grant for a long weekend of rigor and restoration. Through both information and embodiment, we will dig into the complexity of modern womanhood. We invite you to bring whatever you've got going on under the hood… the questions and the inklings. The worries and the aspirations. We want all of you — every divine and deviant bit.

Sara and Schuyler are thrilled to be collaborating for the first time, and welcome anything and everything YOU bring to the weekend.


Breath, Soma + Love:

A Meditation Retreat with Scott Schwenk

Join us for an immersive retreat that will guide you in aligning with the living intelligence of Grace — a force that reveals our core inner nature as freedom, boundless creativity, vitality, and unconditional Love.

This retreat is crafted to help you recognize, align with, and allow Grace to reveal the most awakened, grounded, loving, and creative Self within you. Scott will guide you through powerful practices of mantra, breath, and meditative awareness, and offer gentle guidance and transmission from two core Tantric lineages. The aim: Dissolve, digest, and alchemize habitual tension patterns in your body, thoughts, and emotions, and unveil the inherent Grace within every particle of the cosmos.


Tailor-Made Transformation

with Jillian Michaels

Welcome to Commune’s exclusive mind-body retreat with Jillian Michaels, where your wellness journey begins. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, Commune Topanga is nestled in serene and picturesque Topanga Canyon — the ultimate sanctuary for those seeking to nourish their body, mind, and soul, and create lasting change in their lives.

Here you will join Jillian and her team of renowned experts in fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness for an immersive 5-day experience involving: personalized coaching, tailor-made meals, motivating workshops, and progressive body therapies. Every aspect of your retreat is meticulously crafted to empower positive and permanent lifestyle changes for our guests.


Good Stress Boot Camp

with Jeff Krasno

Experience the transformative power of Jeff’s Good Stress protocols in this meticulously crafted retreat. Over seven days, you will reboot your physical and mental health through a structured regimen of intermittent fasting, nutritionally rich and balanced meals, diverse physical activities, mental conditioning, hot & cold therapy, nature immersion, and time spent in community. The goal: A clear head, a full heart, and a balanced body.

If you ever wondered what it would feel like to break free from your current habits and live a truly health-focused life — this is your opportunity.


Ayurveda & Emotional Wellness Retreat

with Dr. Siva Mohan


Dive into the enigmatic realms of Ayurveda and Emotional Wellness with Dr. Siva. While Ayurveda is frequently reduced to designing spa treatments or cleanses, and emotional health is often reduced to therapy sessions, this retreat illuminates a path to emotional wellness through the perspectives and tools of Ayurveda.

 Join us for a weekend retreat unlike any other—a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda and the art of emotional wellness.


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What's Happening at the Lab

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