The Key to Healing Pain & Trauma

Apr 11, 2020

It is important to feel your feelings.

We cannot transform that which we refuse to feel. You probably were not taught to sit with discomfort or acknowledge your pain. It's more socially acceptable to numb out than tune in. Yet the key to healing on a psychological level is connecting to those parts of ourselves that feel out of control and wild. The only way to heal is to feel and process our feelings. In this video, master teacher Hala Khouri explains more. 

Hala Khouri is a co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World, a training organization that bridges yoga and activism within a social justice framework. She leads trauma informed yoga trainings nationally.

This is an excerpt from:

More than ever, we need to be developing the tools that help us lead effectively, bringing our own morals and beliefs to bear on a landscape of fear and cynicism. If we want to be leaders of change working toward justice for all beings, we must examine the ways we have internalized the systems we are a part of, and we must work to dismantle them within ourselves. Only then can we effectively and positively transform the world.


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