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What Drug Companies Don't Disclose with Allison Behringer

podcast Jun 12, 2020

Capitalism bombards us with the message, “You’re not enough, but to compensate we're going to sell you a product.” This gets particularly dangerous when the products are pills and medical devices, and in particular, hormonal birth control. Today, Allison Behringer, creator of the Bodies podcast, shares her personal story with "the pill" and discusses how the -isms (sexism, racism, and capitalism) cause problems in modern medicine.

Allison Behringer: Basically, I was in my mid twenties and I fell deeply in love for the first time.

Allison Behringer: It was with this guy and things were going great. I thought I was going to marry him. And then all of a sudden, sex started to become painful. I had never had any issues with that before. At the time, I was like, "I don't know. Maybe it'll go away, whatever." It was going away and it was just getting worse and worse.

Allison Behringer: I remember I went to my geochronologist and she was just like, "Oh, lots of women...

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Tapping to Let Go with Nick Ortner

podcast Jun 12, 2020

Is your personal narrative true? Or do you manipulate and aggregate past phenomena to support your current story? Today, Nick Ortner, CEO of The Tapping Solution, talks about how the simple technique of tapping can powerfully address fear and anxiety and aid the process of healing. Plus, experience a short tapping session!

Jeff: Nick Ortner, CEO of The Tapping Solution. Thank you for coming on the Commune podcast.

Nick Ortner: Jeff, it's always a pleasure to chat. You know I do a lot of podcasts, some with people I don't know, and others like this one with friends. So it's always interesting when I talk to a friend in this live public fashion to see what we can uncover. I enjoy it more because maybe we can go deeper and uncover some things about tapping and the world and what's happening and how we can help people heal.

Jeff: Absolutely. We have a lot of common interests, and common friends common, even political beliefs and allies, which would maybe be another episode someday....

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Happiness Right Here with Danielle LaPorte

podcast Jun 12, 2020

Our patterns of behavior are often rooted in our lack of self-worth. When there is something wrong on the inside, our instinct is to look for external agents to deal with those issues. However, radiance only comes from self-reflection. In today's episode, Danielle LaPorte discusses the importance of introspection, as it allows us to forgive, better understand our stories, and reach a place where we accept our enoughness.

Jeff: I've learned more about people over the last month, just through the backdrop of their life. You know what I mean?

Danielle LaPorte: Right?

Jeff: I've learned a lot about people that way.

Danielle LaPorte: Yeah.

Jeff: For me, this has become my look. I'm not really crazy about it either. I like a cleaner look. Steamed glass, that's too institutional for me from a religious standpoint.

Danielle LaPorte: A little [inaudible 00:00:35]

Jeff: Yeah. I'm trying to reclaim the notion of communion. That's a whole other conversation, and then the plants, bringing the...

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Stay Woke with Justin Michael Williams

podcast Jun 12, 2020

What is the new world story that will spin out of our situation? Meditation doesn’t necessarily lead to a passive life — it can also encourage an active one. Today, author and recording artist Justin Michael Williams talks about how meditation helps us quiet the mind and rest in gratitude while becoming engaged members in our community. Together, we can be part of the solution.

Jeff Krasno: Justin Michael Williams, welcome to the Commune Podcast. Thank you so much for-

Justin Michael Williams: Thank you. Thank you.

Jeff Krasno: I have, in my research on you, your behaviors and proclivities, I have heard you say that you actually enjoy spending time by yourself. I'm wondering if you could talk about that, because I don't think that that's the normal human condition for people. I think people have a very difficult time spending time with themselves, and of course, our current situation is forcing a lot of us to do that.

Justin Michael Williams: Yeah. I think for so many...

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Return to Local with Helena Norberg-Hodge

podcast Jun 12, 2020

If ever there was an opportunity to introduce a more local way of life, one not engineered for corporate globalism, it is now. Today’s guest is the founder and director of Local Futures, Helena Norberg-Hodge, who discusses how we can address some of the world's most salient issues, from global warming to income inequality, through localization. Yes, we CAN create sustainable local economies that don't require exploitation of anonymous workers and the desecration of the planet.

Jeff: Thank you for being on the show. Thank you for coming.

Helena: Glad to be here.

Jeff: And yeah, I would say that right now, and I always like to give some context because the global situation is very fluid. So we're speaking on... Well, I'm in America, so it's Thursday, April 9th. Here, in Australia it's Friday, April 10th.

Jeff: And obviously we're in a very, very liquid situation. But I think it's incredibly prescient to be speaking with you in this moment in history, because from what I know...

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A Nutritional Wasteland with Ocean Robbins

podcast Jun 12, 2020

Why are so many of us sick when we value health? The American way of processing and marketing food is spreading. All over the world waistlines are expanding, hospitals are filling up, and people are getting sick with chronic illnesses. In the time of COVID-19, our health is becoming more important than ever before. Today, we talk about the relationships between immunity and a healthy diet, regenerative agriculture, localization, and how Ocean’s unique family history shaped his life’s work.

Jeff Krasno: Welcome to Commune, a global wellness community and online course platform featuring some of the world's greatest teachers. We are on a mission to inspire, heal, pass down wisdom and bring the world closer together.

Jeff Krasno: This is the Commune podcast, where each week we explore the ideas and practices that help us live this healthy, connected and purpose-filled life. So if you're hunkered down at home right now, this may be a good time to check out our course...

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Allow Yourself to Let Go with Tracee Stanley

podcast Jun 12, 2020

When information overloads us, we need a reset. But how do we really surrender and let go of so much thinking? Today, Tracee discusses how Yoga Nidra can help us quiet the mind, unwind and understand our stories, and ultimately reach a place of discernment and clarity.

Tracee Stanley: My name is Tracee Stanley and I was brought up on Long Island. And I would say the quickest way for me to tell you where and how I got to where I am right now is, I was sitting on a balcony in South Africa watching the sunrise one morning and everything suddenly got very still and quiet. And in a moment I felt like I had answers to some questions that I had been asking myself for a long time. And I didn't know what had happened, but I knew that something really special and profound had happened that I couldn't give a name to. And I started to ask around and tell people what I had felt during that time and eventually I found someone who led me to a number of books. And we went into a spiritual...

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How to Support Your Immune System with Dr. Mark Hyman

podcast Jun 12, 2020

In today’s episode, Dr. Mark Hyman shares a wide range of options for boosting your immune system — from food groups and supplements to practices and rituals. He and Jeff also delve into food policy, environmentalism, and how the pandemic may impact our approach to health moving forward.

INTRO: Welcome to Commune, a global wellness community and online course platform featuring some of the world’s greatest teachers. We’re on a mission to inspire, heal, pass down wisdom, and bring the world closer together.This is the Commune podcast, where each week we explore the ideas and practices that help us live healthy, connected and purpose-filled lives.If you and hunkered down at home - as you should be - this may be a good time to check out our course platform at where you’ll find programs from Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Russell Brand, Wim Hof, Brendon Burchard Adriene Mishler and many other brilliant personal development and wellness...

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Home Alone in Our Heads with Light Watkins

podcast Jun 12, 2020

Spending quality time with our own minds can be terrifying for our socially oriented species, and yet here we all are, home alone with thoughts for company. Fortunately, we have a technology for that (albeit an old one) — meditation. Today, meditation teacher Light Watkins shares his pragmatic approach to our modern, quarantined life.

Jeff: So, yeah, I'll just start with kind of who you are and what brought you to this place on this very day and we can go from there.

Light Watkins: Okay. So I am known I guess to the world as this meditation teacher and expert. I never really set out to become that. And it just really, it happened almost by happenstance and it was a process of following inspiration and to sort of celestial breadcrumbs that eventually I looked up and I was teaching meditation and turns out I was pretty good at it and a lot of people wanted to hear what I thought about it. And so now I do retreats and trainings and I write books and I talk about obviously...

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Coronavirus - The New Human Story

podcast Jun 12, 2020

Eventually this crisis will end, and at that point we have an opportunity to rewrite the story of humanity. Will we use this pause in business-as-usual to reassess consumerism, globalism, and how we define a well-lived life? Or will we scurry back to business as usual? That's up to us.

 Jeff: Welcome to Commune, a global wellness community and online course platform featuring some of the world's greatest teachers. We are on a mission to inspire, heal, pass down wisdom, and bring the world closer together. This is the Commune podcast, where each week we explore the ideas and practices that help us live this healthy, connected, and purpose-filled life.

Jeff: As a quick note to begin for all the yogis and meditators who are practicing social distancing, I hope you all are, and you're not able to attend your local yoga studios, Commune has launched a virtual yoga and meditation studio where you can practice with great teachers online and interact digitally with like-minded folks...

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