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Politics and Spirituality (Part 2): Julie Oliver, Kerri Kelly

podcast Oct 23, 2018

What is the relationship between politics and spirituality? How can we harness our drive for personal wellness into civic engagement? While the separation of church and state is one of our country's founding principles, spiritual faith has often been at the center of positive political change.

In this episode, we continue the conversation we started with Marianne Williamson by talking to two women whose political activism grew out of their personal journeys: Congressional Candidate Julie Oliver, and founder of CTZNWELL, Kerri Kelly.


Julie: My name is Julie Oliver. I am running for US House of Representatives in District 25 here in the great state of Texas. But I'm also a working mother of four and a yoga teacher.

Jeff: And was there a specific moment that thrust you into a pretty big decision to run for congress?

Julie: It was when congress met a year ago to repeal the Affordable Care Act. My son was born into the neonatal intensive care unit of a...

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Why We March

podcast Oct 16, 2018

Despite growing up in the United States illegally, Emiliana Guereca always believed she could achieve anything she wanted, but she never dreamed she would spark one of the most meaningful gatherings in U.S. history. The Women’s March on January 21st, 2017 was the largest single day protest in US history, with the turnout in Los Angeles—organized by Emi—estimated at a record-setting 750,000 protestors. Why are marches important for democracies? And what turns a march into a movement?


Emi: I'm Emiliana Guereca, also known as Emi. I am an activist, a social entrepreneur.

Jeff: Okay. And so you have a pretty inspiring, amazing story. You're a first generation immigrant. Can you tell us a little bit about your story of coming to America?

Emi: Well, I don't know about coming to America, but yes. I came when I was young. I am one of 13 kids. I was brought here illegally by my parents, but of course this is not what we sat around and talked...

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Marianne Williamson on Politics and Spirituality

podcast Oct 09, 2018

Marianne Williamson is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author (Return to Love). She’s also an activist and former congressional candidate.

The thread in her career is one of spiritual transformation and political activism, but when Marianne began speaking and writing on those topics, a professional path wasn't really visible.

In this episode, we hear about how Marianne carved her own career path, and talk about what happens when we look at the history of American politics through a global, spiritual lens.


Marianne: This career niche didn't exist when I began my career, so I didn't think of it as a career. When I was growing up, you could be a clergy, you know, organized religion or you could be an academic – you could be a teacher of comparative religion, let's say. Those were the only two niches, there weren't people like you use the phrase ‘spiritual teacher’, whatever this career niche is today.

So, when I started...

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Good Mood Food

podcast Oct 02, 2018

How does our food affect our brains?

How can we eat so we feel good, consistently?

Jason Wrobel is the bestselling author of the cookbook and lifestyle guide, Eaternity, and the first plant-based chef with a primetime TV series. However, after struggling with depression, Jason narrowed his focus to the nuanced effects of food on our biology and psychology. What he discovered changed everything.


Jason: My name is Jason Andrew Wrobel. I do many things.

Probably most known for and celebrated for being a chef, TV host, cookbook author, foody, lover of flavor, lover of bringing people together in celebration over the act of nourishment, standup comedian ... which I've been doing for the past two years, which allows me to do things unrelated to food, which is great. And I can talk about all kinds of subject matter beyond that.

And just recently got back into music. Music was actually my first love, and I sang for years in punk bands, funk bands, soul bands, all...

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Who Am I?

podcast Sep 25, 2018


How much control do we actually have over who we are?

After a freak accident Former NFL linebacker Keith Mitchell lost his ability to play football, and his whole identity. Hear his amazing story, then explore what factors into the development of human identity, with psychologist Dr. Jennifer Bosson at the University of South Florida.

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Why We Give

podcast Sep 18, 2018

 Why do we give, and what do we really get back when we do?

Join us in exploring our reasons for giving with a music agent turned charity founder, and a Hollywood pastor taking a non-traditional approach to homelessness.

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The Power of Community

podcast Sep 12, 2018

 What does it take to build a community, and how can it help us in times of grief? Meet Kula, the little yoga studio that opened its doors in downtown Manhattan in the wake of 9/11.

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Yoga For All

podcast Sep 04, 2018

 While many online communities become mired in snarky comments and hurtful trolling, Adriene Mishler has curated an exception.

Best known for her YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene, she has used digital platforms to foster deep belonging. Join a heartfelt conversation with Adriene about the conditions for a community to thrive, and why yoga is such a powerful tool for modern-day connection—with both the self and others.

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Save The Planet: Educate Girls

podcast Aug 28, 2018

 Is it too late to reverse global warming? Not according to scientist and NYT bestselling author Paul Hawken, and the hidden heroes working on some unexpected front lines. Listen and learn about the #1 option to reverse global warming. It might surprise you.

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You're a Little Bit Racist

podcast Aug 21, 2018

Is everyone a little bit racist?

We are not born with prejudice. We learn it. It builds up throughout our lives, through our experiences and societal reinforcement.  Consciously or not, we are influenced by everything we see in the media, on the street, in schools, and in the workplace. And of course, our view of the world is greatly shaped by the things our friends, family, parents and grandparents say, and do.

As individuals, we all subconsciously internalize these experiences, and it can result in unfortunate assumptions about members of certain social groups that we may view as “other.”  This is implicit bias, and it shapes our behavior - often subtly - which consequently, perpetuates inequality in our society.

In today’s episode, we explore racial bias, how we recognize our own patterns and how to unwind them. We speak with Dr. Evelyn Carter, an expert in implicit bias, and with Pastor Ron Buford, the founder of Racists Anonymous, a program based on...

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