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Clean Beauty

podcast Jun 10, 2020

Do you really know what’s in your beauty products? You might be putting toxic chemicals on your skin and in your body, and not even know it… 

Labels are often designed to confuse or hide the truth — so how can you know what’s safe? 

Join us for Clean Beauty, a 10-day journey to demystify your self-care routine from top to bottom.

In this course you will learn: 

Label literacy and how to determine what is actually in your product. (If you see “Fragrance,” put it back! We’ll tell you why)

Which chemicals are especially toxic and how to avoid them

What “Organic” and “All-Natural” actually mean in the cosmetics industry

How traditional beauty products are processed and how that affects your health

Powerful home practices for total body nourishment

How to choose products for children, babies, and young families

"Clean beauty” doesn’t have to be expensive

If you’re someone who loves...

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The Soul of America

podcast Jun 10, 2020

On the one hand, the U.S. Constitution separates church and state, but on the other, our inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is "endowed by the Creator." In this episode, Jeff muses on the spirituality of the founding fathers and how our politics has frequently strayed away from those values. What would a modern political platform look like if we built it on the basis of universal spiritual principles?

Jeff: There is much written in personal development about rediscovering our original nature, finding our infinite soul, going back to that place where there is only love and compassion and empathy.

Jeff: And recently I've started thinking about that in a more national and sociopolitical context where like the individual, our nation, America, also has an infinite soul and original nature. These were the inspired ideals of our founders as they birthed this country, inspired by notions of the Enlightenment Era and really repudiating a caste system in Europe...

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Urban Zen

podcast Jun 10, 2020

Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee, creators of Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, are on a mission to heal our broken healthcare system by treating the patient and not just the disease. Their program trains healthcare workers and the yoga community in the modalities of yoga therapy, Reiki, essential oil therapy, nutrition and contemplative care — both to manage the stress of being a healthcare provider, and to help patients heal holistically.

Jeff VO: Welcome to Commune, a global wellness community and online course platform featuring some of the world’s greatest teachers. We’re on a mission to inspire, heal, pass down wisdom, and bring the world closer together.

This is the Commune podcast, where each week we explore these ideas and practices to help us live healthy, connected, and purpose-filled lives. You can learn more about our courses, our community, and everything else we do at

Today we talk with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee, two pioneer...

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Kids Don't Listen, They Imitate

podcast Jun 10, 2020

Jeff and his dad, Richard Krasno, explore the complexities and joys that define fatherhood. How does your experience as a child affect the way you parent? And how can life's ups and downs shape the role a father plays in his children’s lives. This is a conversation about the power of love to turn unexpected challenges into unique and meaningful relationships.

Richard Krasno: I'm Richard Krasno, and I'm noted mostly for being father of Jeffrey and Eric Krasno these days. I'm semi retired. I had a career as a philanthropist, and as a professor, and as a government servant interested in international affairs, and mostly in healthcare and healthcare policy.

Jeff Krasno: I've often equated having my own children as, you're sort of moving from being the nucleus of your life to an electron. You're moving from sort of the center of the universe to this thing kind of spinning outside looking in. What was your expectation around being a father, and how did the reality meet that...

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Sleep Better

podcast Jun 09, 2020

Sleep affects every system of the body — everything we do, we do better with a good night of sleep. Enter Dr. Michael J. Breus, aka The Sleep Doctor! With a specialty in Sleep Disorders, he is one of only 168 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction. Listen in to learn about chronotypes, supplements, and simple hacks to improve the quality of your rest.

To get the 50% off discount Dr. Breus mentioned in this episode, go to and use the code “SLEEPDR5”

Dr. Michael J. Breus: I think that sleep is becoming much more popular again. But I think it's not because it's a fashionable trend but because it's really the definition of better health. I believe as a society we're starting to understand what affects us by looking at the foods that we eat, the exercise that we do, the air that we breathe. We would be very foolish not to think that sleep was a pillar of that health.

Jeff Krasno: Welcome to Commune, a global...

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The Boiling Point

commusings Jun 08, 2020

The kettle is whistling. The water is roiling. Why now? What takes a simmer to a boil?
On Tuesday, muted in solidarity, I called my friend Anasa. She bears no responsibility to answer my queries or hold my shaking hand. Yet she gives me two full hours of her self; her story, her wisdom, her grace. As I listen it becomes evident that, despite studying race relations in college, my true understanding of the African-American experience is a speck on a pinhead.
This is what sinks in when you take one day to shut the hell up and listen:
The fire under this kettle was lit as soon as The White Lion dropped anchor. The heat has been relentless for Black Americans ever since, but over the last three months, the burner has ratcheted up under the entire country. The murder of George Floyd, the final 212th degree.
The coronavirus was the first layer of tinder, revealing the stark inequality and the fragility of the safety net for African-Americans.

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7 Ridiculous Exercises We Made Up on the Commune

the lab Jun 06, 2020

I danced classical ballet for 15 years before I took a yoga class. One lithe sport to another — easy transition, right? A decade later I now explain it like this: In a professional ballet company the only thing that matters is how it looks to the audience (and, really, the artistic director). In yoga, the only thing that matters is how it feels to you. Like the political spectrum, which arcs around until the extreme right and left seem more similar to each other than the middle, yoga and ballet are so different that they start to look a lot alike.

It has been a long journey from caring about form to valuing function (and fun!). Now I value how a movement feels, and what it does in my body, not how it looks. 

Which is an extended way of saying, Julia and I like to make up weird exercises. Out here in the mountains, who is to judge? 

Here’s what we’ve invented recently, from least strange to strangest:  

#7 - Make a Rectangle

Why do chaturanga after...

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The Breaking Point with Anasa Troutman

podcast Jun 04, 2020

What's different this time? Today, African-American community leader Anasa Troutman discusses race relations in America, and how the pandemic, unemployment, and systemic police brutality led to a breaking point. What does leadership look like in this moment? And amidst the suffering, is there hope?

To hear more from Anasa, you can also listen to her TEDTalk here:

Jeff: What's the vibe in Memphis?

Anasa Troutman: There have been protests every day. There's a woman here who I support who is a young woman, she's like in her twenties. She runs a nonprofit and she is one of the most brilliant people I've ever met. At the end of the protest on Saturday she was attacked by the police unprovoked, walking down the street leaving the protest and one of the police officers yelled out, "Get the girl," and they ran towards her, tackled her, and four police officers jumped on her in full riot gear. She's like one of our leaders here. She's, for me, the...

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8 Minutes, 46 Seconds

commusings Jun 02, 2020

Each week Jeff has been writing a Sunday article called Commusings where we take a moment to think deeply on the topics of spirituality, philosophy and culture. Today, he shares the piece we published in the days after the murder of George Floyd.

It’s late Saturday night. There’s a curfew in place here in Los Angeles. Hours ago, police discharged rubber bullets and pepper spray at protestors on Fairfax, less than 2 miles from here. I feel a mix of fury, confusion, guilt, powerlessness and a rare uncertainty about what to do. I sense I am not alone. 

In college, I concentrated in race relations. I remember studying Robert F. Kennedy’s extemporaneous eulogy for Martin Luther King as he consoled a bereaved crowd in Indianapolis on the evening of his assassination. It moved me to tears. He invoked Aeschylus:

“And even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom, by the awful...

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From Commune to COVID Unit

the lab May 29, 2020

It’s easy to forget where Julia is going when she rolls out of bed at 5 in the morning and disappears into the sunrise. Birds chirp outside the yurt. I make tea. 

Meanwhile, my partner is preparing to rebreathe her own carbon dioxide all day under 3 layers of face protection in the COVID unit. 

In my world I do weird yogic hyperventilation, bake bread, and open my computer to answer emails. 

In her world she is caring for patients she can’t touch, who have a disease with no cure.

At the end of my workday I putter in the garden.

She ends her day stripped down and showered before she can hug anyone. 

Back together, I give her all the support I can. Kittens are a secret weapon. And a lot of listening. 

I hope this recording helps all of us better understand what nurses are going through, so we can be there for them as best we can. 

P.S. It’s a good sign when I receive midday nurse memes from Julia. That usually means things are going OK....

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