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The Superpower of Trauma

podcast Feb 26, 2019

When we don't fully process our traumas we get trapped in the past, and events in our present can trigger emotions and sensations that impede our ability to function — let alone thrive. But with a thoughtful, delicate balance of embodied practices and personal reflection we can begin to heal our traumas, leading us to live a more joyful life, and maybe even help others to do the same. Hala Khouri, co-founder of Off the Mat, Into The World joins us for an actionable conversation on a difficult subject.

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Hala: My name is Hala Khouri. I teach yoga. I'm a clinician. I'm a therapist. I run a nonprofit that bridges yoga and social justice. I'm a mom.

Jeff: That's a lot.

Hala: I do a lot.

Jeff: You have an interesting upbringing. You were born in or you grew up in Beirut.

Hala: Well, until I was three.

Jeff: What was that like?

Hala: I have memories, but I think it's because people told me about them. I...

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The Leadership Within

podcast Feb 19, 2019

The world is in crisis and humankind is searching for its next class of leaders. But how do we cultivate powerful, empathetic activists? Meet Seane Corn, co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World, and an advocate for turning inward as the first step in reaching out. For more than a decade Seane has been leading workshops connecting practices such as yoga and meditation with effective leadership. Now she is also teaching a new Commune course, "Redefining Leadership," on


Jeff: You've developed a lot of thinking around leadership so I'd start with the basic question of what are the essential characteristics of great leadership?

Seane: I think that leadership should never be kind of mulled down to a specific common denominator because then that will eliminate so many people from feeling as if they have the ability or the skills to be able to be effective in their leadership because they're not this one thing. I know for myself in my leadership,...

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Valentine's Day Special

podcast Feb 12, 2019

Part love-story and part practical advice, Commune co-founders Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant invite you into their world of shared businesses, three daughters, and 30 years of marriage. What does it take to keep a partnership healthy when the goal isn't work-life balance, but rather work-life integration?


Jeff: This week for Valentine's Day we have a special guest, my wife Schuyler, and we will discuss all of the secrets for a loving relationship over 31 years. And another special surprise we have Sarah Klegman our dear and accomplished producer on board to host the show and keep us on track. Hi Sarah.

Sarah: Hi everybody. Happy to be here.

Schuyler: You're kind of maybe more like a marriage therapist here.

Jeff: Alright we're on the couch.

Sarah: So you guys work together, you have a family together. So today for our listeners at home, some of them are going through similar situations.

I think we'll start with the way that you guys sort of...

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Open Your Breath, Open Your Life

podcast Feb 05, 2019

How can we access extraordinary states of consciousness without using mind-altering drugs? The answer is as simple as the air we breath. By altering our breath, we can reveal suppressed nonverbal memories and connect to the dynamic stillness behind our thinking minds. In today’s episode, breathwork teacher Scott Schwenk explains how this ancient practice can deeply transform our quality of life.


Scott: I am Scott Schwenk, and I am now a 47-year-old man, and I work with myself and all people about waking up, growing up, cleaning up and showing up fully. One of the ways I do that is through my public classes. I teach meditation classes and breathwork classes exclusively at Wanderlust in Los Angeles and then online and around the world, and then, in businesses, I do a bit of work with their cultures, helping their culture to upgrade to be really a fit for why they're in business and be able to deliver on those things, and then the deepest work I do is the...

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Tapping into Healing

podcast Jan 29, 2019

Welcome to Commune, where each week we explore the ideas and practices that bring us together and help us live healthy, purpose-filled lives.

In addition to being a podcast, Commune is also an online course platform featuring some of the worlds greatest teachers, check it out at

Tapping is a powerful healing modality that draws on various theories of traditional and alternative medicine including modern Psychology, acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, Chinese Medicine and Neuroscience.

While it has widely been characterized as pseudoscience, recent studies have resulted in the technique garnering more and more support in traditional clinical psychology settings, especially as it relates to PTSD. Through the process of tapping, we are actually rewiring the brain to have new beliefs, emotional patterns, physical habits and perceptions. It helps us discover what is living underneath our pain, and then to release it, and learn to love ourselves more.

So what...

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Rewire & Resolve: The Brain Science of Making Better Choices

podcast Jan 22, 2019

What can we learn from modern neuroscience about achieving our highest potential? In this week’s episode, we go deep into the human psyche — literally. Meet Professor Moran Cerf, a neuroscientist and business professor who uses a truly groundbreaking process to observe the human brain directly from within.


Moran: Name is Moran Cerf and I'm a professor of neuroscience and business.

Jeff: So, you study the brain. How do you do that? There's neurons in your brain, right? And they're firing sort of electrochemical signals. What is the technical piece of how you actual measure the brain?

Moran: Generally, because the brain's language is the language of those little neurons inside your skull that are speaking to each other in electrochemical signals, the way to understand the brain is to listen to those electrochemical signals as close as possible to the source.

With animals, you can actually open the brain of a rat or a mouse and stick electrodes...

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You're (Still) a Little Bit Racist

podcast Jan 15, 2019

Is everyone a little bit racist?

We are not born with prejudice. We learn it. It builds up throughout our lives, through our experiences and societal reinforcement.  Consciously or not, we are influenced by everything we see in the media, on the street, in schools, and in the workplace. And of course, our view of the world is greatly shaped by the things our friends, family, parents and grandparents say, and do.

As individuals, we all subconsciously internalize these experiences, and it can result in unfortunate assumptions about members of certain social groups that we may view as “other.”  This is implicit bias, and it shapes our behavior - often subtly - which consequently, perpetuates inequality in our society.

In today’s episode, we explore racial bias, how we recognize our own patterns and how to unwind them. We speak with Dr. Evelyn Carter, an expert in implicit bias, and with Pastor Ron Buford, the founder of Racists Anonymous, a program based on...

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Brendon Burchard on Achieving Your Highest Potential

podcast Jan 08, 2019

We asked Brendon Burchard—a high performance expert, and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed personal development coaches of our time—a very important question: How do highly successful people achieve so much without damaging their personal relationships or quality of life? 

After a near-death experience gave him a clarified sense of purpose, Brendon Burchard dedicated himself to helping people achieve their highest potential. In this episode Brendon shares how we can increase our productivity in a way that also benefits our overall health and happiness.




Brendon: I'm Brendon Burchard. I am most known for online training, because we've graduated two million people from my online courses. Built tens of millions of fans across social media, millions on our email lists. We do these large events eight times a year, thousands of people all over the world. That's the outside stuff that I had to learn to do to sell the books....

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Free Hugs

podcast Jan 01, 2019

Ken Nwadike Jr. (aka “The Free Hugs Guy”) is known for his work in de-escalating violence during protests, riots, and political rallies. His life story is one of a determined, tender heart—reminding us that we can accomplish incredible things if we remain motivated by love. We talk with Ken about how he went from sharing a room with four siblings and his mother in a homeless shelter to inspiring millions of people around the world.


Jeff: Can you take us a little bit through your story? You grew up here, right?

Ken: Yes. Grew up here in South Central Los Angeles. Before then, my family, we were living in Seattle, Washington at the time. Five kids in our family and one day we came home from school to our house being raided and my father was arrested and my mom decided at that time she was going to just take all five kids in our family and moved us here to Los Angeles. We got here 1991, so shortly after our arrival, we're watching on the...

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Jesus Was An Activist

podcast Dec 25, 2018

What would Jesus do? Civil disobedience. Public demonstrations. Resisting authority. For this special Christmas episode, we take a look at Jesus Christ through the lens of activism… and there’s a lot to see. Listen to this soulful, biblical interview with Pastor Ron Buford, who is the founder of Racist Anonymous, and Pastor at the Congregational Church of Sunnyvale.


Jeff: Pastor Ron Buford, you're back.

Ron:  Well, it's good to be here. Great to see you again.

Jeff: Great to see you. Thank you for coming back. We just loved that first episode. We couldn't get enough of you. So, it's Christmas.

Ron: Yeah.

Jeff: Yes, it's the fabulous time of year. I think it's a time of year that hopefully inspires us to step back, to take a breath, and to appreciate life and be grateful for what we have, and examine some of the bigger issues.

Ron: Yes.

Jeff: Today, I'd ask you to start with, in your mind was Jesus a political...

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